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 [MUST READ] The Black Road FAQ
« Thread Started on Nov 25, 2007, 12:18am »

This is a joint effort of Prince Webby and Darth Sirov, to reduce clutter and prevent unwanted posts from new members asking the same questions over and over.

NOTE:Red color=question,Green=Answer

~Where can I download TBR v1.33?
-Click here to download TBR v1.33 and enjoy it! ;)
~How to save my character?
-By typing "-save"
*Remember:It doesn't save those item in your backpack

~How I load my character?
-By typing "-load xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx"where White represent Upper Case ,Orange represent lower case and yellow represent number.
If you have numbers that are white it will not affect your code at all. Do not ask about it; we don't want to hear it.
Also, make sure your user name is same as the one you used to save your previous character.

~How I get a bank?
-when only you have reached 85 level,look for Realtor Cleon(Just beside Champion Armory) and purchase a bank from him,it costs 50k Gold and 5k lumber.
~How I load my bank after I get it?
-By typing "-load bank xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx"White represent Upper Case ,Orange represent lower case and yellow represent number.
~where can I get 4th/5th skill book?
-Buy "Journeyman's Field Guide" located at books shop in Athens as well as Field Equipment which located at Demon area.(for 1-10lvl player leveling area)
~After i reached level 10,what and where are the crafting professional that I able to learn?
-There are 4 type of crafting professional in TBR,all of them located in Athens
1)Goldsmith(Aithra) - Beside Trinket shop.
2)Alchemist(Tiro) - Beside Potion shop.
3)Weaponsmith(Gallus) - Beside weapon and armor shop,opposite of armorsmith.
4)Armorsmith(Pelegon) - Beside weapon and armor shop,opposite of weaponsmith.

~What does the crafting professional able to craft?
-Goldsmith-->craft trinkets.
Weaponsmith-->craft weapon.
Armorsmith-->craft armor.
Alchemist-->craft potion.

~How I craft item after I get my crafting professional?
-By pressing "Esc" key on your keyboard or by typing "-craft"
~How I up my crafting professional level?
-Keep crafting the item in your crafting professional recipe,every 5 level you will receive new recipe.
~What's the name for the 8 titans and their location?
-1st titan-->Atlas,located at north of Athens,Goblin area
2nd titan-->Thea,located at West of Atlas.
3rd titan-->Themis(naga model),located at north-west of Athens,Spider area.
4th titan-->Cornus,west of Athens,Tuskarr area.
5th titan-->Uranus,north of Cronus.
6th titan-->Rhea,South-west of Athens,Mountain Beast area.
7th titan-->Oceanus,South-East of Athens,opposite of New Issue,above Myr island.
8th titan-->Gaea,North-East of Athens,Highland Beast and Rock Giant area.

~where can I get my 5th/6th skill book?
-It dropped randomly from Atlas,Thea and Uranus.
~How can I up my skill level?
-At the same location as Journeyman's Field Guide,purchase Book of Skill Level Increase.
~Where can get level 7 skill book?
-It drop from Sphinx which will appear in tuskarr area only after you have defeated all the 8 titans.
~where can I find my class item?
-It dropped randomly from Themis,Cronus,Uranus,Rhea and Hydra. Also, Heletes is able to forge 1 of the class items, but only that item for that class and nothing else. Look at a later question for more info.
~What's my class Gemstone/Regalia called?e.g.Cleric.
-Barbarian:battleforge Gemstone/Battleforge Regalia.
-Spartan Warrior:Veteran Gemstone/Veteran Regalia.
-Khaos Chapion:Gemstone of Khaos/Khaos Regalia.
-Guardian Of Nature:Stone Gemstone/Stone Regalia.
-Temple Guardian:Divine Gemstone/Divine Regalia.
-Warlord:Deathbringer Gemstone/Deathbringer Regalia.
-Assassin:Night Gemstone/Night Regalia.
-Ranger:Ironwood Gemstone/Ironwood Regalia.
-WarlockGemstone of Shadows/Shadow Regalia.
-Cleric:Gemstone of Light/Light Regalia.
-Magician:Gemstone of Power/Power Regalia.
-Druid:Gemstone of the Wild/Wild Regalia.

~Where can I find my class gemstone?
-It drop randomly from Oceanus,Gaea,Hades and Hydra
~There are only 2 class item dropped from titans, where is the 3rd class item (If 3rd item is nowhere to be found as mentioned above but is possible that the 3rd can be dropped)?
-It need Heletes,who located at East of Athens,to craft for you.
~How to craft it?
-Just select him and press "Forge an item of Power",you require 1 Blood Ruby and 1 Lump of Pure Adamatium to do so.
~How can I get my Class Regalia?
-Go to Heletes,and press "Upgrade Your class set",you require 3 lump of pure adamatuim,1 Class gemstone,1 sea essence and lastly 1 heart of frost as well as your 3 class item.
*Remember:Put your 3 class item and your class gemstone in your character/hero's inventory in order to make it.

~Where's Hydra and how can I find it?

-First of all,search of Strange Note which dropped randomly from any monster in TBR.After that,talk to Serius(The Prince of Athens),you will receive a new quest called Talk to Seryo.After you talk to him,you will receive another new quest,follow and complete the quest in order to next step.
After that,you will receive Hades' Servent Quest,kill Darnek the Wanderer (moves around the map and teleports to different locale, hence his name - starts near Rhea's gate) in order to get Iron key.
Bring along the key to Eretria(Undead area),select it and press "Search the Ruin City",Hydra will come out,kill it in order to get class gemstone.Beside class gemstone,you will also get stat tomes and either bright lance or Dark lance which dropped from Hydra.

~How can I summon Hades?
First,kill the 8 titans,Atlas,Thea,Themis,Cronus,Uranus,Rhea,Ocenus and lastly Gaea.Then,the gate of hell will be attackable.Attack the gate in order to force Hades out.
~When Uranus in flying form,if I'm a melee hero and unable to attack air,what should I do?
-When Uranus become flying from(air),do you notice that there are thunder coming down?
Lure it to the thunder,once the thunder is damage it,it will come down.(land)

~Where i find the talisman of addiction?
-Check artifacts just below the books.
~How can I get Gemstone of Apollo?
-Go to myr island,which located at south-east of Athens,beside Oceanus liar.Keep killing those myr(naga)until you get an item called "transport stone" then talk to Alcon,let him transport you to Apollo temple.At that temple,just press "search the temple" then the gemstone of Apollo will drop.
~Where does Blood Ruby drop?
-It drop randomly from each of the monster in TBR.From experienced player,it drop frequently from undead are(beside Medusa). There is also a minotaur quest (Striking the Heart - Quest giver is found near the bottom Minotaur base) that will certainly give you 1 blood ruby
~Where does Gem of Life,Gem of Death and Gem of Birth drop?
-They dropped from slug-like monster(black color 1)and only drop 1 per game.
1)Gem of Life-->South-west of Athens.(A small island beside Minotaur Stronghold.
2)Gem of Death-->East of Athens.(Icy mountain surrounded by mountain bear(white color 1))
3)Gem of Birth-->North-West of Athens.(Above the Tuskarr Area)

~How can I get Aphrodites favor?

-It's made from 100 level Goldsmith,for more detail,click here.
~Where's Frozen Citadel?
-It's located at West of Athens,North of Delphi
~How I enter Frozen Citadel?
-First,you need to travel to Delphi,talk to Doro in order to get a new quest called Unlocking the Citadel.Then in order the finish the quest you need to find the following item
1)Ruby Heart(dropped by Rock Giant)
2)transport stone(Dropped by Myr)
3)Sea essence(drop by Sea Elemental)
4)Heart of Frost(drop by Ice Behemoth)
After you get the above items,return to Doro then the gate of the Frozen Citadel will be open.
~Where to find a rare (green) item?
-These items are found from bosses starting from Rhea to Hyperion. This includes the last 2 titans, the citadel bosses, the undead bosses (including hydra), Hades and Hyperion (of who is certain to give 100% green item)
~What are Olympian items and how do I get them?
The Olympian items are a set of level 70 green items that is obtained on certain things, and it is dependent on what kind of hero you use, hence only 1 type can be used. Warrior types use Mighty set, Hybrid types use Shining Set and Mage types use Sacred set. The sword can be found near the Hill beasts south of Athens that requires a series of quests in order to obtain it. The Helm can be found by defeating Persephone, while the Chestguard can be found by defeating Hades. You can combine these 3 into the Olympian regalia just like your own, but you need to be level 180, along with some other requirements of materials (as instructed by Heletes), and the Olympian Gemstone found by defeating Hyperion.
~How I get Olympian Sword?
-Collect Gem of Birth,Gem of Live and Gem of Death,then you will receive a quest called "Speak with Heletes".After you spoke with him,you will receive new quest called "Restoring the gemstone key"
and the 3 gemstone in your inventory will become Unfinished Gemstone Key(able to save).Follow the requirement of the question then you will receive a Gemstone key and go to the north of Athens and press "Take the Sword of Olympian" as shown in the picture below:

~Who is Hyperion and why is he famous?
-Hyperion is the hidden optional boss, who is also the strongest boss in the game, whose power is many times stronger than Hades, and shouldn't be fought alone. He drops a lot of items including the Olympian Gemstone, required for making the most powerful weapons. To summon him, you need the 3 summoning stones, and found within Gaea, Persephone and Hades. Once you collected all 3, bring them to the undead area and just left of where the Hydra spawn point is, is a small hill with a fountain, drop the stones (via fountain option) and Hyperion will spawn at Corinth (Minotaur area).
~What does Hyperion drop after I killed him?
-Hyperion drops Olympian gemstone and some stat tomes as well as rare (green) item.
~Where can the Directional Gems be found/forged?
-The Directional Gems (Gem of North, South, East & West) are crafted with 1 of the professions. The Gem of North is crafted by weaponsmiths (hence why most weapons require it), The Gem of South is crafted by armorsmiths. The Gem of East and West are crafted by Goldsmiths.
~Can I have both Olympian Relic and Relic item in my character?
-No.You can only have either Olypian Relic or Relic item in your character.
~What's the max attack speed in TBR and how to calculate it?
-Each character in TBR will reach their maximum attack speed when their agi is reach 400(with both base agi and the bonus from item.)

-For the calculation.please look at below:
Every class has his own basic attack speed. Here are three examples:
Assassin => 1.6
Barbarian => 2.0
Temple Guardian => 2.25
1 Agility or 1% IAS from item = 0.01 Bonus attacks in the basic attack speed
Temple Guardian (2.25) with 235 Agility = 1.00 + 2.35 Bonus attacks in 2.25 seconds.
Assassin (1.6) with 275 Agility = 1.00 + 2.75 Bonus attacks in 1.6 seconds.
Barbarian (2.0) with 325 Agility = 1.00 + 3.25 Bonus attacks in 2.0 seconds.
(1.00 means one attack, not one hundred)